How We Track a SCAM

Here we will explain how we track a scam and how the process actually works.

The scam tracking process is usually triggered by complaints. In this case we will focus on two get-rich-quick schemes and see how they are actually instigated by the same people. Our first SCAM is named Bitcoin Profit, and when we started receiving complaints through our report a scam section we know it was time to start tracking the crooks down. Bitcoin Profit is an affiliate marketing scam which is based on a revenue or profit share model. A quick company check revealed Bitcoin Profit is associated with a few Forex brokers located in Bulgaria and Estonia, and through our industry contacts we managed to identify the owners and masterminds behind the Bitcoin Profit scam. The trail of evidence led us to a few affiliate networks and media agencies located in India, Germany, Ukraine, the Baltics, Cyprus, and Malta. Its worth pointing out that the same people are also responsible for promoting the Bitcoin Evolution scam. The networks responsible are OfferVault which is actually based in New Jersy, and affpaying. In both cases we found out promoters were getting paid as much as $600 for referring paying clients, and that means a lot of promoters will try to sell you these offers and tell you they are legitimate.