Increase Engagement Levels

Let your viewers have their say and increase the levels of engagement in your website. As your members become more involved, they will keep coming back and use your site as a point of reference.

Totally Free!

The software is provided to you at no cost so you can spend money on the really important things in life and focus on monetizing effectively,

Fast Loading Times

This system was designed by bloggers and affiliates. We understand how important fast loading times are for user experience and reduction of bounce rates.

Copy Paste Solution

The Iframe Solution is so simple. You just need to embed the code after clicking on “Add a New Post” in the Text section of the post (Not the Visual).

Responsive Web Design

The solution is completely responsive and available in all formats such as hand held devices, smart phones, tablets, IOS, and Android.

Totally Secure

The software is stored on a secured server and written in Python. The system is closed and not vulnerable like PHP or other open source formats.